At DiBi we have been designing and manufacturing technical rowing clothing for over 30 years. Over 600 clubs have selected DiBi as their provider of technical rowing kit and are currently enjoying the benefits of top quality performance fabrics and manufacturing processes.

We supply clubs with all sorts of different needs and budgets. We strive to provide unique products of the highest standards at the best prices.

Whether you want to completely revolutionise the current style of your kit or you simply want to create perfect replicas, DiBi is the company for you.

We believe in direct contact and collaboration with our customers to ensure that their kit is a true reflection of their history, values and passion. We strive to provide unique products of the highest standards at the best prices. The quality of our products and the reliability of our services are demonstrated by the loyalty of our customers; some of which have been proudly racing and winning wearing Di-Bi garments for over three decades.  

Many of our products are the result of collaborations with national teams nd their athletes. The greatest example is the all-in-one; in 1980 DiBi was the first European company to develop the concept of the all-in-one rowing suit; in collaboration with Thor Nilsen and Giuseppe di Capua from the Italian National Team. The new designs were tested and worn by Giuseppe and Carmine Abbagnale during their Olympic wins in 1984 and 1988. In the late 80s we also started exploring the latest developments in fabric technology to improve comfort and performance, which marked the shift from natural to synthetic fabrics, providing higher flexibility and a wide range of performance enhancing characteristics. Di-\Bi world class athletes have obtained 5 Olympic and 54 World Championship golds as well as three FISA World Best Times.